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Hajj Ihram rules for women pilgrims

 At the point when a Muslim lady is preparing to go for Hajj or Umrah, there are sure things that become illegal for her from the time she enters the state of Ihram until when the journey has been finished. So, our travel agency with cheap December Umrah Packages offered the article on the Hajj Ihram rules for women pilgrims for the awareness of the general rules of Ihram.

A Lady's Clothing regulation for Hajj

Despite the fact that men have an endorsed clothing standard for Hajj that comprises two pieces of unstitched material, there are no comparable explicit pieces of clothing for a lady. All things considered, it’s exhorted that ladies follow the typical clothing standard of Islam and wear garments that are loose in fitting and don't call for attention. It is ideal to wear lightly shaded garments, and you should forgo wearing scent or some other cosmetic item. Numerous ladies decide to wear white shaded abayas and scarves to mix in with their male mates, yet this isn't mandatory.    

What should be done Prior to Entering the state of Ihram 

  • Trim nails and hair (counting the armpit and private areas). 
  • Scrub down of Ghusl. 
  • Ask fardh supplication (if necessary) and ask two rakats of Sunnah. 

What are the restrictions During Ihram? 

Coming up next is a list of things from which Muslim ladies are restricted when they are in the state of Ihram, that is generally legitimate. When the Hajj or Umrah has been finished and the Ihram is invalidated, a large portion of them become legal indeed. 

  • Wearing splendid, tight-fitting clothes. 
  • Cutting the nails and managing or shaving substantial hair. 
  • Utilizing aroma, scented oils, or corrective items (counting kohl, contact focal points, and so forth).
  • watching oneself in the mirror fully intent on embellishing oneself. 
  • Wearing gems for embellishment. 
  • Covering the face and hands. 
  • Having sex with one's better half. 
  • Getting married. 
  • Battling, utilizing unpleasant language, or slander.  
  • Pulling teeth or drawing blood. 

What is Permitted During Ihram? 

There are sure things that are female explorers might do, even in the state of Ihram. Here are the things that a female traveler is permitted to do.

  • Wearing closed shoes, socks, and so on.
  • Utilizing moisturizers and creams if there should be an occurrence of clinical need. 
  • Checking out the mirror in case it isn't to decorate oneself (for example in case it is inside the washroom). 
  • Concealing themselves under non-fixed substances like vehicles, and so on.
  • Wearing endorsed glasses and utilizing cameras.

Ihram Rules for Menstruating Ladies 

If a lady is bleeding when she passes the miqat (the point for accepting the state of Ihram). Then, at that point, she ought to do ghusl and wear the Ihram similarly as she would in case she was in an ordinary state. Her ihram is legitimate, and she should do every one of the demonstrations of Hajj except for Tawaf and Sa'e, which she can procrastinate on for some other time. Yet, assuming she has effectively done tawaf when she gets her period, she can progress forward with Sae, and manage the hair. Similar guidelines apply to ladies who are yet draining after childbirth. Assuming they do any remaining fundamental demonstrations of Umrah or Hajj, their journey will be acknowledged with the finesse of Allah SWT. Prophet PBUH said to Aishah when she bled during umrah that does all that the explorers do, yet don't circumambulate the Kaabah until you become pure. 

Hajj and Umrah visa limitations for Making a trip to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

 Here is an article on the Hajj and Umrah limitations introduced by our travel agency with Ramadan Umrah Packages from London. Hajj and Umrah are the two Heavenly journeys. Each Muslim wants to try. For this reason, one wants to go to the Kingdom of Saudi Bedouin. The travelers need to apply and accept visas too. It ought to be remembered that the visa for tourism and visa for Hajj and Umrah are given diversely by the Saudi government. One of the journeys has the referencing about the reason and same is the situation with another one. 

Yet, recently, in the year 2018, it was reported by the Saudi authorities that individuals going to the Saudi Kingdom for the redemption of Hajj or Umrah are furnished with the tourism visa too. The visa has an expansion depending on the period accommodated the exhibition of Hajj or Umrah. The most extreme time given for tourism is one month. Both the pilgrims and their nations have liked the choice and have said it is a decent signal that will work with the pilgrims. On this visa, pilgrims can visit the noteworthy landmarks just as numerous famous destinations prestigious inside the country. 

If we talk about the Hajj and Umrah visa limitations for making a trip to the Saudi Kingdom, then, at that point a portion of the limitations about it is following. Explorers holding a visa for Umrah as per the Saudi government strategies ought to enter or leave just and just from the two air terminals arranged in Makkah and Jeddah. One is the King Abdul Aziz Worldwide Air terminal (KAIA) in Jeddah and another one is Prince Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz Air terminal arranged in Madinah. 

Pilgrims entering the Saudi Kingdom for the purpose to play out the sacred custom of Hajj. In understanding the Saudi government, strategies ought to enter or withdraw from the Hajj terminal and not from the normal SV terminal as utilized normally. Likewise, the Umrah visa holders can't perform the Hajj as the visa is confined uniquely for the Umrah and not for the Hajj purposes. Umrah visa holders can just perform Umrah on their visa and can't save it for later purposes, for example, for the exhibition of Hajj. 

During the authority Hajj time, Muslim explorers having a business visa or visiting visa are not allowable to enter or show up on one or the other Jeddah or Madina air terminals. The choice is made dependent on the decrease of the crowd. As just these two air terminals are held for the appearance and takeoff of the pilgrims in the entire Kingdom in this manner it is extremely packed during the Hajj time. In any case, assuming we consider the non-Muslims passage. It is a help for them as they are permitted to enter inside the Kingdom through any of the air terminals during the Hajj time frame in case they are with their business or visiting visas.   

Muslims visiting the Saudi Kingdom to do Hajj need to make sure to get the right visa to empower them to go on these flights. On the off chance that on your appearance, you don't have total, adequate, and right documentation then you should be stopped at the spot, and you won't come to travel further. There will likewise be no discount offer. So, it will be in support of yourself if you present your visa details at the hour of booking, so you don't need to experience any troublesome circumstances afterward.

For what reason is Madina a significant city in Islam?

 Here is an article on Why Madinah is a significant city in Islam introduced by our travel organization with Cheap Umrah Packages 2023 from the UK. Madina is the most hallowed city for Muslims. The holiest city is additionally known by different names including Tabaha, Taibah, or Yathrib. It gains importance when Blessed Prophet Muhamad PBUH picks this city as His settling point when moving from Makkah. Since then, the religious city has held exceptional significance and importance in the hearts of Muslims across the world. 

Masjid e Quba, the first historically speaking mosque built in Islamic history, and the eminent Masjid e Nabawi are additionally situated in the city of Madina. Prophet's Mosque after the Haram Sharif in Makkah is the most visited spot of worship by Muslims. Madinah is the most loved city of our dearest Prophet as He PBUH called this city His PBUH home. When the Blessed Prophet moved towards Madina, there were huge quantities of Jews in the city. At the hour of relocation of Prophet PBUH, Madinah was a separate city. 

And various religions and tribes were endlessly fighting yet Allah's Messenger bought solidarity to the city. Every one of the groups of time consented to an agreement drawn up by Muhammad PBUH and His devotees. Prophet Muhammad PBUH welcomed everyone individuals in the city and give a message of the genuine religion of Islam. The greater part of individuals cheerfully consented to Him, yet He face trouble persuading Jews that Islam is the genuine version of Judaism. Muslims accepted that Madinah is an unceasingly honored city as Allah SWT picked its ground as the last resting place for His Messenger, Muhammad PBUH. 

At the hour of Prophet PBUH, the whole city was roughly the size of the current Masjid and the encompassing white tiled area. Allah SWT gave the most loved city of His Messenger with extremely productive land and a lot of water assets. These favors make the antiquated city a dazzling desert spring encompassed by dry and rough mountains from three sides. Muhammad PBUH said that for the supporter, Madina is the standout place on earth. Just when they could understand its uprightness, they could never leave it. And whoever withdraws from this city, having gotten frustrated with it. 

Hazrat Bibi Ayesha RA portrayed that, when we moved to Madina, the city was an undesirable and disagreeable spot. Hazrat Abu Bakr RA and Bilal RA fell ill and Prophet PBUH stressed over the sickness of His associates and said, "O Allah, make this city (Madina) favorable for wellbeing. As indicated by another Hadith portraying the significance of Madinah, there will be no other point on earth with the exception of Makkah and Madina wherein Ad-Dajjal won't enter. There will be no entering. Yet the heavenly messengers will be remaining in columns safeguarding it against him and afterward, Madinah will stumble with its general populations threefold. And Allah SWT will launch every one of the non-devotees and the scoundrels from it. 

During the hour of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Madina al Munawarah was the significant focal point of trade and business due to its area to regular shipping lanes and way interfacing with the Syrian and Egyptian business sectors. The city is genuinely old, improved with interesting civilization and extraordinary history crossing many years before the Prophet Isa A.S. There are many reasons that make Madina a significant city where societies blends and dissolve. A city where individuals learn and share information with one another just as gets both fleeting and profound clarification simultaneously.

Tips for your first time Umrah travel

 After the obligatory Hajj pilgrimage, Umrah is the second and only and most sacred pilgrimage of the Islamic faith. Umrah is also referred to as the ‘lesser pilgrimage’ or ‘minor pilgrimage’ because it isn’t a religious obligation but a Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (SAWW) to offer Umrah rituals. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Muslims keep on arriving in the holy land for the rituals of minor pilgrimage through Islamic Travel Offers Cheap Hajj and Umrah Packages

It remains the dream of every believer to be able to go on this sacred sunnah pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime. The reason being the infinite rewards and bounties it holds for pilgrims, which are no less than that of Hajj.  

Here are some of the tips to know about umrah for the first time.

Pre-plan your entire Umrah trip.

At the time when you are searching for a reliable Umrah travel package, always choose and hire the one that not only best suits your budget but also caters to all of your requirements. You can think about all the possible facilities you want to have in your travel package; the type of travel and accommodation facilities you want, transportation, etc., and specify it all to your agent. Thus, it’s better to look for Umrah packages that are pre-planned by your travel agent i.e., inclusive of flights, accommodations, and other required facilities i.e., all in one. 

The more you plan, the better your pilgrimage’s travel arrangements will be. Therefore, it's advised that you prepare yourself physically, spiritually as well as emotionally for this holy journey beforehand.

Hire a certified umrah travel agent.

Ensure that your Umrah travel agent/operator not only remains authorized by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of Saudia Arabia but also possesses the local licenses to operate its business. Also, checking for the membership certificates of the company is a better option. You must always compare different umrah travel packages of different agents before making your final buying decision. 

Learn about the rules of Umrah.

Before your departure to the kingdom of Saudia Arabia, take out some time for learning about the rules and regulations imposed for a pilgrim in the state of Ihram. Familiarize yourself with the prohibitions, permissions, and things to avoid while on the holy journey of Umrah. Learn in detail about the rituals of Umrah, their importance, and their origin. That’s the only way you’ll be able to perform Tawaf, Sayee, and Taqsir rituals properly. Also, learn about the specific prayers that a pilgrim needs to recite during the performance of these holy rituals.

Travel for Ziyarath.

When you have performed all of your Umrah rituals, you’ll still have plenty of time to spend in the kingdom (as your visa permits). Therefore, it is advised that you travel for Ziyarath of the holy sites in the region. For instance, the famous Ziyarath sites include the cave of Hira, Masjid-e-Ayesha (RA), the cave of Saur, Jabal-e-Rehmat, Jannat-ul-Baqi, Masjid-e-Jinn, and many others.

So, these are some of the tips for first-time umrah travelers. 

Necessary vaccinations for Hajj and Umrah travel

 Converging at the time of Hajj and Umrah rituals, millions of Muslim pilgrims travel throughout the year with Islamic Travel's best Hajj and Umrah Agents Offering Cheap Packages. Consequently, Haramain gets filled with a sea of pilgrims of different backgrounds who all are united under the religion of Islam. 

Since Saudia Arabia offers hajj and umrah visas for every country and every nation; many of these pilgrims are traveling from low-income countries i.e., with minimal access to healthcare. Thus, the risk of the spread of infectious diseases increases dramatically. Keeping in view the health and safety of everyone, The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health (MOH) has therefore stipulated some mandatory vaccinations that have to be carried out prior to Hajj and Umrah visas being issued to the pilgrims because it’s one of the requirements in a visa application form. Yet, the vaccination requirements for every individual may vary i.e., depending on his/her region of travel.

Here’s a brief description of the necessary vaccinations for hajj and umrah travel.

Meningococcal meningitis.

The infectious disease of Meningococcal meningitis can affect the brain membrane; causing severe brain damage and at times, it can also be fatal if left untreated. Since the outbreaks of this particular disease were prominent during the hajj in 1987, 2000, and 2001, it has now been made necessary for all pilgrims to vaccinate themselves against Meningococcal meningitis.

So, pilgrims intending to perform Hajj or Umrah regardless of their region of travel and no matter the age are required to produce and submit a valid vaccination certificate against meningococcal meningitis infection to the relevant authorities. Specifically, the pilgrims arriving from countries within the African Meningitis Belt will also be given antibiotics (Ciprofloxacin) upon their entry to the kingdom of Saudia Arabia as an additional precautionary measure.

Poliomyelitis (Polio).

Polio is a viral illness that can potentially affect and cause temporary/permanent paralysis in the human body. Though the majority of the countries are declared polio-free now, it still exists as an outbreak in some countries. That’s why proof of the vaccination i.e., dose of an oral polio vaccine (OPV), or inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV) is required from pilgrims.

The vaccine against polio must either be administered within the previous 12 months or at least 4 weeks before one’s arrival in Saida Arabia, regardless of the age or vaccination status. Despite this, some pilgrims would also receive an additional single dose of oral polio vaccine upon their arrival in Saudi Arabia as well.

Yellow fever.

Yellow fever is a fatal viral infection that is usually spread by certain a type of mosquitoes. As the disease of yellow fever is predominantly found in sub-Saharan Africa, South America as well as certain parts of the Caribbean – all pilgrims traveling from these countries will be required to submit a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate. 

The vaccination must either be administered by the pilgrims within the last 10 years or no less than 10 days prior to their departure to Saudia Arabia. Otherwise, pilgrims arriving in Saudia Arabia without a valid yellow fever certificate will be vaccinated on the spot and then put under surveillance (quarantine) for 6 days at least.

These are some of the necessary vaccinations required for Hajj and Umrah travel.